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Nitrogen Tire Fill

Nitrogen Tire Fill in Houston, TX

At Hard Texas Tire and Wheel, we can fill your tires with nitrogen up to the 93-95% purity level recommended by most providers. Nitrogen inflation has been gaining popularity with passenger vehicle owners in recent years. Commonly used in race car tires, aircraft tires, military vehicle tires, and OTR equipment tires, nitrogen is now trending with day-to-day drivers. This is because nitrogen provides some notable performance and maintenance benefits. 

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Nitrogen Vs Air

Compared to air molecules, nitrogen molecules are bigger. This means they stay in your tire longer and increase the time it takes for your tires to lose PSI (pounds per square inch). Nitrogen also reacts less with materials.

Nitrogen Benefits

Here are some of the benefits tires filled with nitrogen provide:

  • Longer Lasting Tire Pressure: Due to the large molecule size, nitrogen isn't able to escape your tires as easily as air. This means you get about 1/3 reduced pressure loss. If you're the type of driver who doesn't check tire pressure often, this is a great perk to have.
  • Less Corrosion: Nitrogen reduces rust and corrosion caused by oxygen and moisture. If you care about how your OEM or custom wheels look and perform, then nitrogen can help you keep them clean.
  • Consistent Pressure: The absence of moisture means nitrogen provides better, more consistent pressure than air. For racers and performance enthusiasts, this is one great reason to switch.

Drivers who receive the most benefits from nitrogen are those who meet average annual mileage predictions. So if you don't go through your tires quickly, then you'll have time to take in the full advantages of nitrogen. If you store your vehicle for a long time, like an RV, nitrogen is also a beneficial choice. For more information or to enjoy the benefits of nitrogen in your own tires today, contact our team.

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