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Financing & Leasing

Crest Financial

Financing in Houston, TX

At Hard Texas Tire and Wheel, we want every customer’s experience to be easy and stress free, which is why we offer Crest Financial financing. Customers in Houston, The Woodlands, and Tomball, TX choose our shop for the best services with the best payment options.

Don’t make a major purchase without choosing the best financing available. We have the most comprehensive financing available—Crest Financial.

For over 70 years, Crest Financial has been an industry leader. By offering “No Credit Score Needed” financing, Crest Financial has allowed thousands of customers to simply and conveniently finance their automotive purchases from dealers like us.

Other conveniences of Crest Financial include:

  • No Credit Score Needed: Crest Financial understands that life happens. When you need instant financing, you’ve got it.
  • Instant Approval: No lengthy wait time to see if your financing has been approved.
  • Quality Service: No automated tellers. Crest Financial has real people take care of real issues.

When you need an automotive service performed at our shop, our financing program will ensure stress-free payment through worry-free financing.

Stop in to speak with one of our professionals to learn more or apply for Crest financing today!

Progressive Leasing

We want our customers to leave our shop with every service and automotive need fulfilled, which is why we offer Progressive Leasing.

Progressive Leasing ensures your automotive purchases will be covered, saving you worry and stress. This program provides leasing with no credit needed. Apply now.

We are proud to offer Progressive Leasing to provide worry free solutions to our customers. Be sure to stop by or call to speak with one of our friendly technicians who can answer any questions and get the application process started.

SNAP! Finance

Financing in Houston, TX

SNAP! Finance offers easy repayment options, so you can spend responsibly without making huge sacrifices in other areas of your life.

SNAP! Finance offers:

  • No credit NEEDED
  • 100 day cash pay off
  • 30% discount on remaining balance with minimum payments
  • 12 months to pay

To apply, you will need to visit our store and fill out your application. It's easy to do and get approved.

Apply With Us Learn More

***Steady income for 6 months, must be over 18, have a checking account, minimum take home pay $1,000/month, No overdraft fees and No NSF's.

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